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Kimberly Rio Wertman is a multilingual TV reporter and producer with expertise in the areas of sports, social media, entertainment news, travel and politics. Born in New York City and raised in North Carolina by an Argentine mother and a father whose business is based in Hong Kong, Kimberly’s upbringing was full of a diverse range of cultures and colorful traditions.


While working in Miami at the international sports network, beIN Sports, Kimberly hosted, wrote and produced live news bulletins where she updated viewers on breaking news and upcoming sporting events. She wrote and hosted features on events including the World Cup, Miami Open Tennis, and NHL Playoffs. She also created and voiced-over funny daily news packages for the live program The Xtra, where she reported on the latest trending social media content in the soccer world. Kimberly frequently selected storylines, created rundowns, located footage and coordinated live international feeds. While working as a tennis correspondent for, she also wrote news stories for the network’s website, managed all tennis-related CMS content, and cut live match footage for the company’s social media handles.


Prior to moving to Miami, Kimberly worked in television and public relations in New York City. As a production intern on CNN’s flagship entertainment program, Showbiz Tonight, Kimberly pre-interviewed celebrity guests and created breaking news headlines in real time. At the PR agency, Cohn and Wolfe, she planned the first-ever music video shot via cellphone for international recording artist Ed Sheeran (Legohouse.) She also assisted in the development of a commercial series whereby the company’s cellphones filmed footage of Canada’s Squamish Valley while attached to drones.


Kimberly has always remained at her core a writer. Her freelance article about HBO’s show Girls was published in the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog and generated social media buzz about the series’ upcoming season. She also wrote edgy product reviews for the men’s lifestyle website


While attending the George Washington University’s School of Media & Public Affairs, where she graduated with a degree in Journalism & Mass Communication, Kimberly wrote for the GW Hatchet student paper, anchored the weekly magazine show The Source, and co-created and hosted the entertainment news program 7 Minutes in Hollywood.


Kimberly has a passion for acting and has appeared as a featured extra in Spiderman 2, Elementary, Smash, and Law and Order: SVU

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